Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Midlife Crisis

I like to sew. I like clothes. I like vintage clothes.

If I made all the clothes I'm interested in for me, my closet would become a universe-sucking black hole.

So I decided to play with dolls.

Specifically, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

Now, some are very anime-shaped (go look at Obitsu). And some are fantasy (goat-ears anyone?) And some have proportions more suited to ... Well, let's say "bosoms of unusual size".

Some are very very nice, and wonderfully proportioned, but also very expensive.

So I settled (not in a bad way "settled") on an Impldoll Model doll, with the Antonia head. And there was an offer for a free head, so I picked up an Erica head (technically from a different Impldoll line (the Star) line. I hope that head fits the Model body; this is all quite new to me.

This is a resin doll, about 56cm tall. That's like around 22.5 inches, so she is about 1/3 scale. This is pretty big and should be easy enough to make realistic clothing for her.

I subscribed to a forum called the DolliehSanctuary. They have a sensible (short) list of rules and the folks over there are nice, friendly people.

Now, these dolls are made to order, so I won't get one for about 8 weeks. That's OK, because that leaves me with PLENTY of time to lose my mind generating ideas.

I started this blog to give me a place to ramble on and on and on about making stuff for The Doll.

So hang on, here we go.


I'm planning on making at least two complete sets of vintage clothing for The Doll.

My first thought (since it would be foolish to start right in making clothes for a doll I don't have in hand) is to wonder, "where will I keep all those clothes?"

And with that thought drifted through my mind the memory of the little bitty metal wire hangers (out of welding stock) my dad made for our Barbie dolls long long ago.

OK. A closet. But a closet needs a house, and a house is too too much. Remember, this is a ONE THIRD scale doll...

OH OH OH! I know!!!!
A wardrobe steamer trunk (go forth and use the power of Google if you want to know what that is).

It is a double sided trunk, rather large, used for traveling. They are quite old school. Hangers in one half, drawers on the other.
Anyway, I decided to make a model (with working hangers and drawers and latches and everything). But my construction skills are rusty and not too developed.

So, I decided to make a simple frame bed.
That led to making a mattress, sheets, and dithering about a feather tick and pillows (still dithering as of 1 August).

And then I decided to also make a bed-side table.

Not that I've finished any of these projects yet. I'm still in the planning, drafting, wallowing stage.

OMG, what have I done!?

Then I started thinking about decor: vase of flowers, books, glasses, pitchers, dishes ... Oh dear. I AM in trouble.

I trolled around on Etsy and found some vintage miniatures. They've started arriving in the mail the last few days. Some are going to work great, some not so much. I'll know better when I have The Doll in hand.

I've also gotten most of what I will need to have to paint the face on the spare head I have. I've ordered some wigs and a pair of eyes as well.