Friday, August 31, 2012


While I was out grocery shopping today, I swung by the consignment store. Basically, an overpriced thrift store where some crappy leather covered import footstool thing in a dark depressing color sells for the "great price, far below retail" of $299. Ouch!

Anyway. I scored.

I had to buy four little chairs to get this one, but the other two I will see about for outdoor furniture. The fourth one is heading to the real thrift store.

I'm excited because, if I can find turned posts like this, I could make more! A long time ago, I learned to do rope seats like this. Also caned seats and rush seats.
Yes, one more obscure thing I can do.

The chair is just a tiny bit too tall, and a bit oversized. But it gives me a starting place.
I might do what my grandma (5' 1") was famous for and apply a saw to the legs. It won't help the oversized aspect, but it will help the dangly feet.

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