Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Snuck some time away today from getting the house ready for our annual invasion of musicians to do my first ever dollieh modification.

I sueded her hips, elbows, and knee joints. I even took her head off! So many firsts.

It was interesting how looser elastics (essentially what you get when you replace the head with a chopstick to keep the elastics from heading south never to be seen again)  change how the doll poses. She was both more flexible and floppier.

I might be tempted in the future to loosen her up just a bit, but I'll wait and see how she loosens up on her own after several months.

I used moleskin (like for blisters) cut up and stuck inside the socket part of the ball joints. I think I would like to do her ankles and maybe her knees.

It took me a couple of tries to get it done. Next time I decide to do this, I'll just take the doll all the way apart because the hardest part was manouvering the sticky moleskin around the elastic.

I also think I'll read more on different techniques for doing this and see if there is one I like better.

She almost sits on her own. She will sit if she is tipped forward a little bit, and she is also less likely to swat herself in the face. So overall I'm pleased with my efforts.

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