Saturday, August 4, 2012

Table: done

Finished the table tonight.

(link to previous post about the table. Will open a new window.)

It is 6" high, and the table top is 6 1/4" x 6 `1/4", sized for a night stand or side table.

I had considered pegging the angled braces in place, but decided to just glue them. 

I'm still thinking the table might be a bit spindly, but I hope it will look right for The Doll when she arrives.

The first picture is taken on the top of a wooden bookshelf. With the bare wall behind, it is quite convincing!

This next shot shows the color of the stain much better. And my messy project room.

I used basswood, Minwax Provencal stain, started using a Tung oil varnish but got impatient and used an acrylic gloss for the final coat on the top. It is a little rough to the touch, so I might hit it with some 0000 steel wool and put another coat on.

For those of you who like the details: first the bottom side of the table before the legs were glued in place (dig my sloppy glue job) and second a detail of the leg bracing. 

Now, on a 'real' table I think the leg braces should be longer. But this will do OK for a first attempt.

That's it! Next up is finishing the bed and bedding.

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