Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thing One Arrives

The second doll I ordered but the first to arrive showed up today. I promise I did not stalk the USP man. Well, not much.

This is a Resinsoul Dai. I'm calling her Regina Marie Montgomery.

I'm quite pleased with her for a first doll. She is less expensive than the other one I'm getting so I'm only a bit nervous about moving her joints and just getting used to her rather than utterly paralyzed that I'll instantly wreck her.

She is a nice substantial doll, the resin is solid feeling (for all I know she is a lightweight but I'm happy) and smooth.

I indulged in pent-up-clothes-trying (all too big for her, which I kind of expected). I am looking forward to making her clothes in the right size.

Swagger coat will fit the other doll better (wider shoulders)

If the tap pants sat at the waist, they'd be OK
Also to big, but cute.

She came with no wig, so I got to wrestle her into the wigs I've been collecting. I'm pretty sure she's a ginger.
OK for the 1950s, not for the 40s
This one is possible, I'm not sure yet.
The bed I made is too short for her but I'm planning to make a second and third bed that will be useable as bunkbeds or single beds or even a couch. Modular furniture.

None of the cups and so on I've picked up are exactly right.

but I think the tea-set intended for an American Doll is probably closest. It is still a little clunky but acceptable for now.

Now I'm REALLY excited about making clothes for this doll. I got some more patterns today and have identified some clothes I want to draft for this doll.

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