Thursday, August 16, 2012


This is what waiting does for me, it makes me crazy.

Remember how I swore up and down (what does that mean, anyway?) that I would have Only ONE doll. Unlike Highlander movies, apparently there can NOT be only one.
I ordered a second doll today. Less pricy than the first one (which is still not here, and won't be until September). 

And is it crazy to get another one before the first one arrives? Maybe. Maybe.

It is a Resinsoul Dai. This is their 58cm doll, so she will be a bit taller than my other one, but she is also a little skinnier. I'm thinking younger sister. Or she may be bossy and decide to be the older one. Come to think of it, my younger sister is the bossy one. So who knows.

What this really means is that the clothing I've been working on can finally be modeled by a doll, rather than assorted non-doll items, like a tailor's sleeve ham.

like this.

I don't like the buttons very much. But I won't worry about it until have an idea how it will fit either of The Dolls.

The skinnier doll also has much narrower shoulders (or the companies measure them differently - no clue, have I) so that will mess with the fit of this coat.

On to stalking the UPS delivery person.

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