Thursday, September 6, 2012

1940 Dressing Gown

I've finished a nightgown and hooded dressing gown for the Resinsoul doll.

The nightgown is from a early 1940s slip patent image I found on Google Patent search.
The Resinsoul's shoulders are quite narrow and the straps slip off. The gown also fits the Impldoll and her shoulders are wider so the straps stay put.

The observant among you will notice my Resinsoul doll has a foreign head now. I had an extra Impldoll head and decided I like it much better. However, the resin is quite a bit darker and I'll have to do some serious body blushing to make it match. For now consider that Regina (the Resinsoul) has gotten into her sister's makeup.

I drafted the dressing gown pattern myself, based on a modified princess seamed pattern from Perfect Patterns. This fits the Resinsoul doll better than the Impldoll since the Impldoll has more hip.

Both the nightgown and the dressing gown are made in yellow cotton voile, unlined, and trimmed with narrow blue polyester ribbon. The seams are mostly topstitched and then trimmed close to the stitching.

The hood is not big enough. So it will just hang down the back.

The sash is a single layer of voile, edge turned under and ribbon stitched down.

I had originally intended to close the gown with a double row of light blue buttons, like the original, but I did not use interfacing on the facings and I'm not sure the buttonholes will come out as neatly as I'd like.
At least I know the dressing gown fits well enough that I could do a double breasted closure if I wanted to.

Here is a very bad picture of my inspiration for the dressing gown, from Blueprints of Fashion.

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