Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Equal time

Remember, Amelia is the Impldoll and Regina is the Resinsoul. Amelia is the conservative older sister and Regina is a bit wilder.

Both dolls now have swimsuits. I 'owe' Amelia a nightgown, which I will make from a draft of an evening gown pattern.

And I will make both dolls Halloween costumes: a gypsy for Regina (another partial evening gown draft) and a cowgirl for Amelia (checking a collared shirt draft).

I love evening gowns, so Amelia will have a 30s era gown in silk and lame (the "real" version of her nightgown). The fabric for this has shipped.

Also on order is some wonderful fake rabbit fur that I will try to make a faux fur coat for Amelia and a stole for Regina (Regina might get a fox stole instead if I like the swatch I also have on order).

I have a simple skirt and blouse drafted and cut out for Regina, and need to cut out a suit for Amelia. Both of these are early 1940s.

In the future, more evening gowns! Amelia with a 20s era evening gown in olive microsuede (standing in for velvet), and Regina a dramatic 50s era evening gown out of taffeta.

Amelia is one ahead in this list, so I must think of something else for Regina. Oh, I know! Combination step-throughs, since the tap pants seem to have become Amelia's.

Also on the list are more underwear (slips and so on), jewelry, and of course furniture.

I've stained, lined the drawers, and painted the knobs of two dressers. I plan on finding some 3/4" wide trim so I can disguise the legs of one when I stack them. I've also sawn the boards for the bunkbeds, but decided to save drilling, screwing, and glueing for another day.

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