Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hanging stuff up

Now, I'm sure there is somewhere out there where one can buy dollieh coathangers, but that would deprive me of ANothER project!

make a jig
This is two scraps of 2" x 4", screwed together because I couldn't find a long enough piece.
Three holes drilled out with a 1/2" spade bit and an old fashioned brace drill 'cause that's how I roll. 
I drilled a pilot hole for the finishing nail in the middle. It would be easier if I had made the nail removable like I did the pieces of dowel.

Get some 16 gauge stainless steel craft wire and some cutters

and pliers

and ...

Ta Da!

And Double Ta Da!

Pulling the wire as tight as you can is good and a bench vise or some other way to hold the jig still is useful.

My hangers a suitable for 1/3 scale, and take about 14.5" of wire a piece.
There is some floral wire out there (at Joanns or other craft places) that is about the same thickness but much softer. It is easier to bend, but is easily distorted also.

This project brought to you by the number 93, which is how old my dad would be this year had he lived longer. He made me my first (barbie) coathangers this very same way a long time ago.

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