Friday, September 7, 2012

Obitsu Dog, finished for now

I finished (more or less) adding a fur suit to my brown Obitsu dog. 

 I am trying to believe he is a lap dog

I covered his body, then cut holes out where the legs insert, then stuck the legs on.

If I decide to add more fur, I will cover each leg individually, leaving a big flap at the top (I won't cover the foot or foot joint). Then I'll stick the leg back in the body, and stitch the flap down around the joint. Hopefully leaving enough slack for mobility.

 My original clear Obitsu is quite floppy (he came pre-assembled) but the brown one I put together from a kit (so he is a hybrid A/B) is quite stiff. He holds poses better. The fur suit does not interfere with posing as a dog would.

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