Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am easily sidetracked. If you read the last post, chock full of plans, you can have a good laugh.

Last night I glued together some cardboard, this morning I sawed some dowels, and played with saran wrap and masking tape.

Three layers of cardboard glued together with yellow wood glue, and a doll's foot precariously balanced on a sawed up piece of dowel.

The sole and foot wrapped in plastic wrap, covered with masking tape, and the uppers drawn on in pencil.

The upper cut off and trimmed.

Then I played with masking tape some more.

I wrapped my clear Obitsu dog in plastic wrap, then encased him in masking tape.

Masking tape shells cut off

I made a flat pattern by strategically cutting the masking tape shell. I marked the direction of the fur on the shell before I cut it off.

I had enough of beige artificial rabbit fur (a sample I requested from Distinctive Fabrics) to do the head and the tail. I have more of the fake fur on the way.

When I turned the head inside out, it looked like a horrible mistake.

So I groomed the head a little bit. The ears are not very distinct but smoothing some fur up makes them look more plausible. I need to stitch some red felt or something in his mouth. And maybe add a tongue!

 and then I draped the poor dog in scraps to get an idea of the finished product.

Then I did it again, because once was not enough.
This one makes me howl with laughter every time I see it.

Zombie electrocuted mutant wolf cat? No clue.

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