Sunday, September 23, 2012

Very Hairy: Obitsu dog Mark II: Final report

Finally finished the dog. I did the head three times. Finally chose to use just the dark brown patches on the faux rabbit skin, and trimming it all down before sewing except for the nape of the neck, the ears, and a section for a beard. This version of the head had no seam allowance added from my masking-tape pattern. So it was really tight going on, but I think it looks plausible.

I used a scrap of silk satin, interface fused to the right side (so the wrong, less shiny side is visible) and I welted it with a tiny bias strip of cotton voile in dark brown, to give the dog lips, to hide my crappy stitching, and to prevent the red from rolling out of the mouth for the "dog in lipstick" effect of a previous attempt.  I'll confess to using a Sharpie marker to color over some of my visible stitching.

The only way I would consider covering the feet would be with a thin 4 way stretch fabric, seam located on the top of the foot/front of the lower leg. Then you'd have to attach it to the bottom of the furred section.

Ain't gonna happen: I'm happy with her little clear paws sticking out.

This is a picture of her scratching. That clear bit sticking out of all the fur is a back paw. 

I've decided to name her SooSoo.

So, if you take the other (partially covered) Obitsu dog, called Obi (for Oberon), 

and put the names together you get.

Obi-Soo, which is more or less like Obitsu. So there.

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