Friday, September 21, 2012

Very Hairy: Obitsu dog Mark II. Progress Report 1

Worked some more on making a second furry Obitsu dog today. I have a yard of fake rabbit fur from Distinctive Fabric. Most of it will go to doll clothes, but some for the dog project.

I masking-taped the dog over saran wrap, cut the tape off, and used the pieces for a pattern. Look up Duct Tape Double for the basic idea.

I marked the direction of the fur on both sides of the pattern pieces.

Cut out the fur from the wrong side, with the pattern pieces face down.

Stitch together with an overcast stitch. This fur is pretty good quality, so the cut edges don't come apart too much.

If your stitches are tight enough, it looks pretty good from the right side.

Here are the torso pieces all stitched together and the torso laid in place.

This jointed dog model has shoulder and hip joints that are very mobile. I want to preserve that mobility as much as I can, so I cut holes in the torso fabric. 

The yellow pins mark the center of the holes.

 Look! A Hole!

As I sewed the torso fur in place, I left the legs attached to the body, since I wanted to make sure the holes stayed lined up. A good thing I did, since my belly seam at the front of the torso is not quite on the bottom of the dog. No worries. All that hair hides a lot.

The torso, tail, head, and each leg are all sewn separately. Everything but the legs are slipstitched in place while on the dog.

I had previously made a head from the swatch of fur I originally got. I tried putting a mouth in but did not like the "lipstick on the dog" effect I got. 
I will redo the head.

Next is covering the legs. I have no idea if this will work at all. I am pretty sure I'll need to eliminate any fabric (not just fur) on the back of the legs where the joint is. I may also trim the fur short on the torso behind the shoulders and hips. I may also need to make the torso-holes larger.

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