Sunday, September 23, 2012

Very Hairy: Obitsu dog Mark II. Progress Report 2

Fought the head. Fought the head again. 
Finally decided I really really need red felt (something that does not stretch, does not fray and is a bit stiff) for the inside of mouth. I know I put it in my shopping cart in the fabric store but it did not make it home. Oh well.

Believe it or not, the only things exaggerated on the fabric head are the ears. I trimmed the fur back from the face, revealing Dog Freckles! Oh well.

Here she is, one front leg and one back leg left to go, and the head to finish.

I finally twigged to the idea that some of the fur is longer in some places, and some shorter. So I took advantage of that and chose the longest, hairiest parts for the legs.

Now, that's one HAIRY leg. Gillette is drooling, I'm sure.

I decided to leave the back of the joint completely free of fabric and fur, just stabilizing the fur placement with a couple pieces of thread.

I made the pattern to extend just past the first joint of the leg, since the fur would hang down and cover most of the rest of the leg.

One of the cool things about these Obitsu dogs is their ability to stand and pose, which comes from the mobility of their joints. So covering the foot would make an unstable surface to stand on and would also not allow the leg to bend as much. Bending like this

is essential for the dog to crouch. And I am pleased to report that the my plan worked and the leg bends nearly this much, even covered in excessive amounts of fur.

Here's the dainty foot peeking out.

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