Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I did Today

I sueded my Resinsoul's joints (hot glue this time). Way better than moleskin.
She poses really well now. Her arms stay pretty much where I put them. No more facepalms.

She looks up

and down

Before that, I finally got my first (lousy) attempt at whole-body-blushing removed from her and still more Mr. Super Coat dispersed into the air (and on the doll) and a second and better (but not perfect) blushing job sealed with more, yes, Mr. Super Coat.

She has light pink finger and toe nails.

The Impldoll has the beginnings of new lips. I may decide that these are too pink, and I think some darker watercolor pencil might tone them down. This is "berry red" and "titanium white" acrylic paint mixed together. I also used extender medium. Made things so much easier!

I also painted two coats on the drawer knobs. I need a light sanding, a third coat, then blue decoration. I am going for the appearance of white porcelain knobs with blue decorations.

I picked up some enlongated bone beads to finish the doll purse handle.

I will hot-glue suede the Impldoll's ankle joints and see if I can get her to stand on one foot. The RS still won't stand on one foot, but she comes closer.


for the future.....

I have this spare head floating around. (The original head from the Resinsoul Dai). Which I have been told makes a fair boy.

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