Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 days of sewing madness!

I've been wallowing in sewing and photography.

I made another thrift store run (pants 1/2 off this time) and picked up some assorted tweedy things to recycle into doll clothing.

I figure I should post some pic, since it has been a week since I said a single word (well, made a post).

The nightgown for the Impldoll (pattern destined eventually for a splendid 1930s white silk and gold lame evening gown) (Hello Dolly Boutique pattern).

A photoshoot featuring the two dolls and their unfortunately matchy-matchy dressing gowns.

Mockup of 1940s outfit (Hello Dolly Boutique pattern) in cotton (I like the colors but cotton quilting fabric is too heavy for a shirt and cotton voile is too light for pants).

Two halloween costumes for a sewing thread on Den of Angels.

Perfect Patterns pattern

A very silly (that's what some would say) Hollywood glamor photoshoot

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