Monday, October 1, 2012

First full faceup

The spare head is no longer blank.

This was sold as a female sculpt (Resinsoul Dai), but I think it makes a darn good guy.


I have a body on order (Doll Leaves Boy version 2).

This is pretty much done, expect that I need to stick the hair down with something and trim the eyelashes a little bit.
Unless someone tells me I absolutely have to do something else. 

I used Mr. Super Clear flat, pastels, and watercolor pencils. 

Step 2. Some blushing done, eyebrows and mustache base and lips done. I ended up tapping pastel dust on the lips, then smudging it around with a damp brush.

Some eye color added, hairs on brows and mustache. 

Added more blushing around the eye sockets, filled in some missing eyebrow hairs, stuck the wig on, slapped some 14mm eyes in (they might be too small) and admired Mr. Dude.

The helpful folks on the Sacto BJD Facebook group encouraged me to add some real sideburns, shade his 'stash some more, and add some cheek contouring.

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