Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Swimsuit, again

I've bitten the bullet and will be opening an Etsy shop.

So I've had to get serious about making saleable garments. I am very picky. I want things to be just so.

So, I picked up 3 cheerful small scale prints that I thought would make nice vintage style swimsuits.

I kind of screwed up this one, but I'll probably finish it and call it a learning experience and keep it for myself. I really like the print, so I will pick up more and try try again.

There is a previous post here here, in the dark about the swimsuit pattern (click on the big blank space).

I tried integrating the short wrap into the shorts by using just the front draped panel. I like it! 

I tried a cb zip. Oh my, that did not work, since my doll is very curvy and the zipper would have had to go too far into the curve of her rump to be truly long enough. So I will try a side-seam zipper instead.
These bottoms go on, but it is a stitch-popping struggle.

I converted the straps to a halter type, since I plan on offering this in my store and I would like customers to have the option of adjusting the fit of the top a bit.

When I last made this suit, I altered the back of the top so it fit my doll snugly. I shall have to undo that a little bit at make the top a little bit adjustable for larger-busted dolls.

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