Monday, April 8, 2013

Chair - o - rama

Ana White has some great (human) scale plans on her site.

She does have some doll things there as well (I think for American Girls).

I took the Harriet Chair plan and tried it out in 3/4" square hardwood stock I had lying around. The original plan calls for nominal 2x2.

For a project about which I took little care, it came out alright.

Great Potential!

Imagine these in bright, primary colors with loud floral cushions!

I'm considering using a pair of longer screws for the bottom of the back of the chair, using one long screw to both hold the back of the chair and the lower cross piece together, as well as attaching the side/backs to the cross pieces. Clear as mud, yes?

Well, anyway, Here's some pics for you.

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