Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Re-setting a wig

My Impldoll head on a Resinsoul body is a redhead. I have a Glib wig in red. It is a long wig, past shoulder length on the doll, and it gets messy really quickly. I'm not good at remembering to put the net back on the wig when I'm not actively taking pictures (I can't even FIND the net now).

I am trying a straw+bobby pin method. I did all this work with the wig off of the doll.

I brushed out the wig as best as I could, trying to keep separate the sections where the artificial mohair is attached to the net base. 

Then I cut up drinking straws to about 1 1/2 as long as my special short bobby pins

and proceeded to roll sections of wig on the straws, doing a final brushing and detangling of each section as I went.

In most cases, I secured the straw sections with two pins - one from each end - since my repeated flopping around of the partially set wig while combing and setting other sections tended to undo the single pinned straws.

I decided to make all the sections curl under, to keep things simple.

Just curling the sections around a straw was enough to restore some of the curl. I spritzed the set wig with a little water, and I let it sit overnight in hopes the water would add even more curl to the process.

Here is the wig (blurry, I know) with the curlers out. Since I rolled them from the ends to the roots, the ends of the locks are tighter than I wanted.

And here it is all brushed out and pretty! Kind of like a redheaded Dolly Parton - Big Southern Hair.