Thursday, November 13, 2014

The wonderful world of 1/4

I have had an MSD on order for months and months, so when I saw a listing on DoA (Den of Angels) for a Souldoll Arina, I bought her.

She is pensive. I like her faceup (company default).

I've been experimenting with photography. I like the dead back background (velveteen draped over a piece of coroplast).

Then, I got another 1/4 doll. This time an Ellowyne Wilde - I think I've been longing for vinyl and in denial. Her posing is not as great as resin, but she fits on her saddle stand so well I don't mind.

Here's a quick (I lied - this is the single fruit of several-many flash photography attempts. And I got one of the flashes in the frame. But I'm learning!)

So, the original 1/4 I ordered should be here on Saturday. I hope I love her as much as I do these two. I'm looking forward to shooting multiple dolls all of a scale.