Monday, September 11, 2017

Revising a diorama

I waled away on some foam boards today, expanding my diorama to 48" wide. Still 2 feet deep.

I apologize for the horrible photos. I really need to get the closet doors off, since lighting and shooting is really difficult right now with 1/4 of the dio covered by a closet door..

Anyway, I did some tests with my Sister Fox's Princesses Iris BJD and the famous yellow couch.

and then had fun with various fashion dolls.

The friends investigate

On the other side of the diorama, where the shelf continues, live my larger BJD. Inez had to stick her head in to see what was going on. (I could not resist!)
The door was a failed attempt. At least it gave me some laughs.

Next up is making a bunch of accessories for the place, then staging a moving day.
I have some nifty laser cut furniture kits coming.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Momoko Retro Mermaid

How could I resist when I saw this on Hobby Link Japan's website last month!?

I could not, so I preordered and she arrived yesterday.

She did not come with a stand - displeased!!! I need to contact Hobby Link and figure out if this was intended.


Good Golly, Miss Molly!

Years and years have passed.

I have fallen hard for the wonderful world of 1/6 and Barbie and other fashion dolls.
This does not mean I have turned my back on BJDs, but I have room in my heart for lots of dolls!

So, here is a massive catch up post of events since my last post, in no particular order!

I have closed my Etsy store (too much hassle, not enough fun) and divvied up the clothes amongst my various BJDs. There was some squabbling over certain multi-size items, but I imposed my will and the clothes are packed up in shoe boxes by doll and the dolls are chilling in the closet. A Resin Time Out if you will.

I bought an ADORABLE little 1:6 'mature mini' from Sister Fox's Princesses.

Her sculpt is Iris (and that is her name also - I seem to be over renaming dolls and just go with their original name). I made just a few dresses for her.

I started a temporary diorama in a shelving unit,

but decided that was too small and was motivated to clear part of the doll/photography closet out for a proper size room. I'm using foam core T-pinned together for the walls and ceiling. The usual thin boards tend to warp with time, so I'm checking Michael's randomly in hopes they get the 1/4" back in stock. I would like to add lights to this but am stalled out thinking how to do it.

I made a splendid couch for my dolls. I love the yellow couch. Here is a link to the Flickr album that sort of shows how the build went. flickr couch album

And then there was Wonder Woman, Mr. Muscles, WWE Superstars, and some Momoko fun.
Those are topics for another day!