Meet the Dolls

1/3 scale dolls

Impldoll Model body with an Erica Star sculpt (Amelia, brunette). Company face up: I added a bit more color to her lips after this photo taken.

ResinSoul body sold with Dai sculpt. For a while, she had an Impldoll Antonia Model sculpt head, but since her lovely new faceup, she has been un-hybridized. (Regina, redhead)

Doll Leaves Anthony. I've modified his face to open up his eyes a bit. My faceup. (Jack)

Mirodoll 60cm girl body (small chest, tan) (Sadie)
This body will be hybridized with my Impldoll floating Antonia sculpt. I will have the faceup done by the same person who did Regina's faceup. (Sadie, hair color TBD)
1/6 scale figures

Two Obitsu dogs
Brown type A/B hybrid. Torso covered in black/brown fur (Oberon "Obi")

Brown dog covered, clear dog as is

Clear type A. Torso and head and tail and upper legs covered in fake rabbit fur (SooSoo)


Doll Leaves event doll from December "Lian", a big-headed genderless thing to which I've applied a lot of watercolor pencil tattoos.

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