Meet the Characters

So, folks sometimes (more frequently than I thought they would) ask me if I have a story about the dolls.

Well, yes I do.

I'm interested in 20th century history, genealogy, vintage clothing, and I have family in the U.S. and in Canada. So I assigned the dolls names, birthdates and places, and a little bit of story, mostly a mashup of various elements of my family tree (names have been changed to protect those who don't give a hoot).

Bold names in black are represented by dolls/figures I have or will have. 
Names in red are non-doll characters

Amelia Jeanette Montgomery Wilcombe and Regina Marie Montgomery are sisters born in Owen Sound, Ontario Canada. They have a flock of sisters and brothers:  Eva (1914), James (1916), Amelia (1918), Robert (1920), Edwina (1922), Regina (1924), and George (1926). Parents James Montgomery and Ann Webb.

Amelia (b. 1918) is the widow of Mr. Wilcombe. She was married in December 1937 and widowed 5 months later. She tried teaching but did not like it. For reasons not yet stated she moved to Guelph.  Her little sister, Regina, calls her Meely, mostly because it annoys her. Amelia, again for reasons unknown, was travelling in the Orient (hey, it's 1939 and I can say "Orient" if I want) and has recently returned to Guelph.

Regina (aka Queenie) (b. 1923) moved  away from the family  farm to live with Amelia. Regina is finishing up her High School and plans to go to the Macdonald Institute. She is a talented seamstress and is a 4H member. She is very proud of her chickens and, despite growing up on a farm, is interested in agriculture.

Sadie Stewart (b. 1923) is a cousin in Vancouver, British Columbia. She and Regina are pen-pals, and Sadie will come to live with the sisters for a while. Sadie is a total outdoorswoman, and has been known to camp out overnight and climb mountains and shoot and cook over a campfire and trailblaze and rides like a Cossack (again, 1939 and I can say "Cossack" if I want to). 

Amelia and Regina have their middle names after a French-Canadian grandmama.

The mystery man is Michael John "Jack" Salton
He is from Nova Scotia and is dumped in the girls' lives through the agency of their neighbour's oldest boy, Alexander Gordon. The two young men (Mr. Salton born in 1920) will have/did/tenses are a pain enlisted in the RCAF. I'm pretty sure they were part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and, once they were done training in Ontario, got stuck there as instructors for several years. As a matter of fact, a Wireless School was at Guelph...

The Gordons are a family around the corner from the house the girls share. Hamish and Joan are the parents and they have several children, starting with Alexander: the oldest. Mrs. Gordon has been known to cut loose in Gaelic when aggravated. 

Oberon and SooSoo are two dogs. Oberon is more-or-less Regina's and gets into lots of trouble. Tug-of-war with a stocking is his particular joy. SooSoo is a hairy lap dog who is firmly attached to Amelia.

Maggie Rowan aka Maighréad Mary Frances Ní Ruadháin  
Although the girls do not seem to be aware of it yet, they have a resident brownie, a tattooed terror to rats everywhere.

I'll add to this as things occur to me.

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