Who am I and what was I thinking!?

This is a partial repeat of my very first post. Hopefully easier to find as a tabbed page.

I like to sew. I like clothes. I like vintage clothes.

If I made all the clothes I'm interested in for me, my closet would become a universe-sucking black hole.

So I decided to play with dolls.

Specifically, Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

Now, some are very anime-shaped (go look at Obitsu). And some are fantasy (goat-ears anyone?) And some have proportions more suited to ... Well, let's say "bosoms of unusual size".

Some are very very nice, and wonderfully proportioned, but also very expensive.

So I settled (not in a bad way "settled") on an Impldoll Model doll, with the Antonia head. And there was an offer for a free head, so I picked up an Erica head (technically from a different Impldoll line (the Star) line. I hope that head fits the Model body; this is all quite new to me (it does fit).

This is a resin doll, about 56cm tall. That's like around 22.5 inches, so she is about 1/3 scale. This is pretty big and should be easy enough to make realistic clothing for her.

I subscribed to a forum called the DolliehSanctuary. They have a sensible (short) list of rules and the folks over there are nice, friendly people.

Now, these dolls are made to order, so I won't get one for about 8 weeks. That's OK, because that leaves me with PLENTY of time to lose my mind generating ideas.

I started this blog to give me a place to ramble on and on and on about making stuff for The Doll.

So hang on, here we go.

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