Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bed: done (well, enough)

(link to previous bed post)

Got the headboard covered (ugh, not too well thought-out but got it done)
Pegged and glued the siderails, sawed off excess peg, hit it with a bit of sandpaper, then touched up the stain.

I tried a photoshoot on our kitchen table. It worked OK but there are a lot of windows and openings into the kitchen nook so it was hard to find enough uninterrupted wall space for a plausible "set".

Anyway, I am pleased with the overall scale of the bed. It looks believable. Now, the table I finished earlier IS too spindly, as I feared.

I think the tabletop size (area) is OK, but it needs to be thicker and the legs need to be longer and thicker. Longer, at least for use as a bedside table. And I would like to try a shelf and/or a drawer on the next table.

Moving on.

I did not take into consideration the other aspect of scale models: you can use small diameter pieces, but they are also WEAKER, as I found when trying to upholster the headboard. 

I managed to snap off two of the pegs holding the crosspieces while I was tacking the headboard cloth in place.
I swore a little bit and glued stuff back together.

The headboard is wool, two layers of cotton batting, and a cotton backing. I would normally have tacked a dust cover over the back of the headboard, but I am DONE pounding tacks into it. I don't want to re-glue AGAIN.

Here's a detail of the freshly stained pegs.

I had fun making the rest of the bedding. 

The tick is filled with feathers salvaged from an old pillow as are The Doll's pillows, and the coverlet is blue wool and orange silk leftover from previous (full-sized) clothes sewing. The sheets are cut down from high-thread-count pillowcases.
The piece of beige cotton batting in the middle of the picture (between the sheets and pillows; on top of the tick) goes between the tick and the sheets. Helps smooth out the feather tick a little bit.

I slapped some temporary slats (too few and way too narrow) in the frame for the photoshoot.

Overall I am pleased with the project. And I learned a lot about building scale furniture, which was also my goal.

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