Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go to Bed!

I had started to think about a Mission style bed, but that required more precision and skill than I have now.

So it became a simple frame bed, just temporarily pegged together here.

That's a 40lb dog in the back ground. For scale. Yeah, right.
With a mattress.

The lower left shows how thick it was before it was tufted
 fully tufted

And sheets!

with fancy stitching (thank, you high-end sewing machine!)

I've stained the bed pieces, finally. I wiped the stain off as soon as I'd put it on and I like the not too dark color resulting.

From top to bottom: vertical for headboard, side rails, cross pieces for headboard (not stained all the way since they will be covered with a fabric headboard). Then on the right the two verticals for the footboard, and the long piece is the cross piece for the foot. The little bitty bits on the left are braces for the footboard and headboard.

I will permanently glue the bed together, since I could not figure out a me-doable way of making it take apart.

I still need to decide if I'm making a feather bed and feather pillows for it. And I need blankets, of course. Can't have The Doll getting cold!

(Link to next post about the bed)

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