Saturday, August 25, 2012

creamsicle swimsuit

I finally have (nearly) finished something for Queenie (Resinsoul Dai) that is not white! 

Why I would put a red-headed doll in orange escapes me. 

This is based on a pattern illustration from 1948, for sportswear.

The top is not done yet (it came out too snug so I will have to add loops and buttons instead of snaps.) Queenie is wearing a trial-version of the top.

The pleats in the shorts are not as distinct as I'd like them, but maybe more ironing will take care of that.

The short are fully lined, even the waistband is faced with plain white Bemberg rayon lining. The orange is a linen-cotton blend.

I will add buttons on top of the snaps (I chickened out making tiny buttonholes). I would like to find some acid green shank buttons. I'll use the green buttons on both garments. 

I'd like to make a green scarf for her, or a big white hat trimmed in green.

I've added buttons, a hat, and a tote in this post.


  1. Thanks, Cordie. I forgot to say that they are based on Perfect Patterns #53, Asian coat and coolie pants, for a 16" Tyler. I blew the pants pattern up 138% and then turned it into shorts.
    Sewing for dolls is just as fun as I remember from when I was much younger.