Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beach Outfit, finished

Some of the pieces in this post appeared earlier, in the Creamsicle post.

The Resinsoul (aka Regina) is off to the beach, if she can only get the dog to cooperate.

The hat is a huge circle with an off-center hole chopped in it. I jazzed it up with green satin ribbon. From below and to the front it looks kind of Edwardian, but this view shows its early 1950s New Look genes.

The brim has only one circle of millinery wire. It needed two but the green ribbon I had on hand was too narrow for two rows of wire. So it is a bit floppy.

The camisole top and shorts were already done, they just needed nifty buttons.

The tote, along with the hat, is new.

The dog is in the bag! Time to go.

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