Thursday, August 2, 2012


Every bed needs a table next to it.

Here it is, held up by my hand with some gratuitous deco stuff on top.

I made the top out of some thin strips of 2" wide wood, edged with some narrower pieces.

Here are the parts finally stained. These are all basswood - it sucks up stain really quickly! Except where I didn't get all the glue sanded off. Hrmph.
You can see the three strips of wood running from left to right.

The sticks to the left are legs and the sticks to the right go under the table top and help hold the legs on straight. The little pieces on the right bottom are interior corner braces and the really tiny pieces on the left will brace between the interior corner braces and the legs.

I will tung oil and then glue and clamp the table together, once the stain has dried overnight.

Here is a link to the next (and final) post about this particular table. (Will open new window).

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